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This guide will help you understand how to eat right in a simple, digestible manner. I created this for those that want to learn how to fuel their body properly without depriving themselves of their favorite foods. 

I personally hate boring - so in this guide I give you several ideas so you can make healthy eating tasty and fun with variety. . . and yes, you can still have a glass of your favorite vino ;) 

Learn proper portion control without counting calories or weighing food

50+ Meal/Snack Ideas

Two 7 day meal plans to help you put it into action

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Here's What Others Are Saying...

Betsy - 

Liz Roman has come up with an easy to follow, no nonsense nutrition guide that eliminates the guess work, confusion and frustration many go through when attempting to eat CLEAN! Many of you reading this may already be in a great physical movement regimen keeping your body moving well, and building strength. But we all know that physical training is only part of the equation of creating a healthy, resilient body. Our daily intake and lifestyle habits are the other crucial element of the equation! I encourage those of you reading this to get your copy now and make these simple effective changes. 
As the cover states, it is Simple. Healthy. Effective.

Shayla - 

I appreciate that nothing was 'Whole Foods' exclusive - you don't need weird spices, expensive oils, etc... it's all things you already have around. I really loved it - I think the ease of having a weeks worth of meals planned out for you is so convenient. I also love the example of the Anti-Inflamatory diet. I know people with tummy troubles, specialized diets etc. so that is a great addition! 

Stefanie - 

I really enjoyed reading this guide! It is simple and easy to follow and doesn't restrict any particular food groups. Liz provides lots of good ideas for keeping healthy eating fun.
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